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We pride ourselves on our keen ability to accurately diagnose and repair computer and home electronis problems. Whether you are having issues with spyware, malware, virus, hardware, network or any other issues, our courteous professional technicians can fix the problem usually within hours. We warranty our work and do not require any contracts or travel charges. We take pride in our service and are truly customer service minded. Our goal is to become your go-to service provider for any home entertainment problems you need solved. Please view our testimonials page to see what our long standing customers say about us, and feel free to leave your comments as well. Our staff can also assist with setting up home theaters, or training you on any computer or home electronics. We also diagnose and repair most WiFi issues .

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26 May 2019

  • Intel boldly claims its 'Ice Lake' integrated graphics are as good as AMD's

    While Intel is expected to detail its upcoming 10nm processor, Ice Lake, during its Tuesday keynote here at Computex, the company is already making one bold claim—that Ice Lake’s integrated Gen11 graphics engine is on par or better than AMD’s current Ryzen 7 graphics.

    It’s a bold claim, and one that Ryan Shrout, a former journalist and now the chief performance strategist for Intel, said that Intel doesn’t make lightly. “I don’t think we can overstate how important this is for us, to make this claim and this statement about the one area that people railed on us for in the mobile space,” Shrout said shortly before Computex began.

    Though Intel actually supplies the largest number of integrated graphics chipsets in the PC space, it does so on the strength of its CPU performance (and also thanks to strong relationships with laptop makers). Historically, AMD has leveraged its Radeon "Vega" GPUs to attract buyers seeking a more powerful integrated graphics solution. But what Intel is trying to do now, with its Xe discrete graphics on the horizon, is let its GPUs stand on their own merits.

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  • Intel's reveals the beastly Core i9-9900KS, likely its fastest gaming chip (for real)

    Did you ever think that Intel would top the Core i9-9900K with something faster? It has. Meet the Intel Core i9-9900KS, which pushes every core on the chip to a whopping 5GHz. 

    When Intel announced the Core i9-9900K CPU last fall, we proudly proclaimed it to be the fastest mainstream CPU. Well, now we have a new contender, and the 9900K may not be the fastest CPU in its family. That’s because the Core i9-9900KS is besting the vanilla K by delivering faster clocks to all its cores.

    Let’s break this down. The Core i9-9900K offers a base clock of 3.6GHz, and a boost clock of 5.0 GHz. The assumption has always been that the boost clock only applies to one core, and all of the remaining cores will be lower. It’s just that Intel doesn’t always list the clocks for all the cores.

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  • This week in games: Sims 4 for free, a Just Cause film, and Frostbite's hairy tech demo

    Exterior, day. We see a factory or something. A helicopter flies straight into it and explodes. Everything explodes! And then a man soars out of the explosion, holding a big metal claw in one hand. He looks at the camera.

    “Are you...hooked?”

    Anyway, they’re making a Just Causefilm. That news, plus George R. R. Martin dabbles in video games, Call of Duty reboots Modern Warfare, Telltale’s catalog starts disappearing, Frostbite shows off its luscious locks, and a bevy of free games to carry you through your (hopefully) long weekend.

    This is gaming news for May 20 to 24.

    Cheap thrills

    Hopefully you have a long weekend ahead of you to take advantage of all this week’s free games, because there are a lot of them. First up: Overwatch is celebrating its third anniversary this week, a fact I find personally horrifying as someone who played it at release. If you haven’t yet dug into Blizzard’s shooter though, you can download and play it free through until May 28.

    To read this article in full, please click here

New Google Wifi spotted at the FCC

We only looked at the first iteration of Google Wifi, the company’s mesh networking set-up, a few months ago and already it looks like version two is in the works. A Google filing recently spotted at the FCC describes a new dual-band router, possibly an update to the company’s Google Wifi.
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The Internet Archive brings Apple's classic Macintosh to your browser

We've seen the Internet Archive publish classic software collections for MS-Dos, Amiga, Apple II, Windows 3.1, and classic arcade games. Now, the online museum is moving on to the Macintosh.


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